6 June 2020

Production site on an individual CMS

Website production in modern web design is almost always carried out using CMS – content management system. The presence of CMS makes the site more convenient for management, allows you to “split” the content and design of the site into independent from each other components, which greatly facilitates the introduction of any changes to the site.

Today, there are many different CMS that perfectly cope with various tasks when creating sites. However, in some cases, the capabilities of none of the available CMS are enough to make the site in accordance with the requirements for it. In such cases, individual CMSs may be used.

Individual CMSs are content management systems created specifically for the implementation of a specific Internet project and that correspond to the tasks set for this project. Individual CMS, as a rule, include a “non-standard” set of functions, do not contain “extra” tools.

Making a site on an individual CMS can be more expensive and will take longer compared to making a site on one of the ready-made CMS. However, in some cases, this step can be fully justified:

the manufactured site contains completely unique functions that have not been previously used;
the site structure is so extraordinary that none of the existing CMS is suitable for its creation;
Changing the existing CMS to the individual needs of the site being manufactured carries with it unreasonably high costs of time and finance.
On individual CMS most often complex and voluminous Internet projects are made, saturated with interactive functions. For small sites consisting of several dozen pages and performing only the most common functions, production on a specially designed individual CMS is economically disadvantageous.