6 June 2020

Creating a mobile version of the site: how to improve it?

Given the growing popularity of mobile devices, creating mobile versions of sites is more relevant than ever. And it doesn’t matter whether the mobile version of the site is available at a separate address, or whether it will be an adapted version of the main site, the question of its convenience always remains very important. Let’s find out how you can improve the mobile version of the site.

To improve the mobile version of the site, there are many different tricks. The main task in this case is to facilitate the most convenient and understandable interaction of visitors with the site, taking into account the specifics of mobile devices. For example, you can do the following in this direction.

Place important interface elements in the central or upper part of the screen. Studies show that most of all the attention of users of mobile devices is concentrated on the central part of the screen, which means that it is here that it is proposed to place the most important interface elements for interacting with the site, for example, the Buy button. It is also considered acceptable to place important interface elements at the top of the screen. But placing the Buy button or similar items at the bottom of the screen, especially if users need to use scrolling to see them, is not recommended.

Place an offer to download a mobile application in the mobile version of the site. If the owners of the site have their own mobile application that allows you to more conveniently receive the necessary information when using mobile devices, then to improve the mobile version of the site, you can place an unobtrusive offer to download such an application on it. It is worth paying attention that the offer should be precisely unobtrusive, i.e. it should not interfere with site navigation, scrolling, etc.

Try to simplify the design of the site pages. As the experience of so many websites shows, today mobile device users value the simplicity and conciseness of design more than its attractiveness, and besides, even on smartphones with very large screens, some highly detailed images used in the design are still difficult to consider. Therefore, when improving the mobile version of the site, you can analyze its design and make changes based on the results of such an analysis.

Use a larger font in the menu. Even though modern smartphones have screens with a diagonal of 5 inches or even 5.5 inches, a readable font size can be completely inconvenient for navigation. Therefore, in the menu to improve the usability of the mobile version of the site, it is recommended to use a larger font so that users can easily hit the desired item with their finger. For the same reason, if a site offers users to share content on social networks, then the social buttons on its mobile version should be enlarged.

Highlight popular options to attract attention to them. To help users of the mobile version of the site better navigate the content, you can highlight the most important or popular options in a different color, bold, etc. In the context of the limited graphic capabilities of the mobile version, this can help focus users.

The described actions are just examples of possible improvements to the mobile version of the site. Still in this direction, you can take a lot of useful measures. So, if the purpose of any interface elements in the mobile version of the site is not too obvious, you can give explanations, for example, in the form of tooltips. Or, say, another improvement technique that is relevant for mobile versions of sites is the addition of a “Up” button, which allows users not to resort to scrolling.