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Our SEO text

If you were looking for a professional IT contractor who is able to provide a full range of services for web development and promotion, then you have come to the address. Chuloy Web Agency is an international company with 5 years of experience. Our team is young and energetic specialists who are ready to introduce the latest technology in the market...

We strive to create truly useful and high-quality Internet projects that will serve as a complete tool for your business. We can help you become more famous on the Internet. We want to make a quality development for you. We are ready to create a unique design for you. We can assist you in promoting the site. You can order right now, the development of a unique design, the creation, promotion, support, site. As well as mobile applications, and more. Extensive experience in creating sites, online stores and promoting web resources. Free training and consultation of our customers. We do not leave you after completing work on the site, but provide assistance in resolving emerging issues and accompany the sites ordered in our web design studio. Guarantees of 100% quality of the sites developed by us and their stable operation allow you not to worry about the future of your projects. In our work we use only the most modern technologies, concepts and tools so that your site is one step ahead of your competitors. There is no reference to a specific city or country - we work all over the world. Our web design studio develops websites for customers from many countries of the world. In addition to Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, we carried out orders for customers from countries such as the USA, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, even Congo and several others. Reasonable cost of services - prices in our web studio are not much lower, but not higher than competitors. At the same time, you know what you pay for - you get a quality product that begins to generate income from the first day of launch. Each client of our studio is an individuality and we know this. Therefore, we work with each customer so that both parties are satisfied with the result of cooperation. Our main goal is to show you that cooperation with the studio is profitable, convenient and of high quality. Almost every our client becomes permanent, it says a lot. You are interested in one of our services, you call or write and order it. We agree with you the details and conditions, if necessary, sign the terms of reference. You pay 50% of the cost of the service, and we begin the implementation of the project or task. After completing the work, you test, look, and if necessary, the necessary improvements are performed. You get the finished result of our work and pay the remaining 50% of the cost. If you have questions, we advise and train you. Usability, creative concepts, creating website designs, unique and adaptive and competent design of user interfaces - give our web studio clients in Kiev a powerful tool for obtaining a sustainable competitive advantage. One of the key advantages of a web studio is its rich experience in developing websites and individual IT solutions for automating complex web projects. We integrate our solutions into the systems of our customers, which allows them to optimally solve business problems and automate business processes. Integrated Internet marketing, we analyze, develop integrated strategies and promote websites, projects on the Internet and social networks. This contributes to effective customer acquisition and solving business problems. Comprehensive website technical support services and web project development. Web studio services allow you to ensure the effective functioning of the project, and contributes to the development of your business. What can we offer you? Website development is just the tip of the iceberg in our catalog. The digital agency and web studio in Kiev is able to offer you much, much more than website development! After all, we will do everything to provide a comprehensive solution to the problems of your business on the Internet and even beyond. However, why these promises, if you can simply meticulously list all of our web studio services? • Website development. There is no and cannot be a universal site for everyone! Indeed, for specific purposes, its completely specific types are optimal: "business cards", landing pages, multi-page portals, promotion sites and tede, and tepe. And we can create and develop all these options for corporate, informational and other sites for you. • Creating startups. If a fundamentally new, revolutionary engine is put on the "cart" of an old car, at best the car will not go very well. Exactly the same with startups! The development of a site for such a project should correspond to an innovative idea, for which we will plunge into it and find the best technical solutions for its creation. • Application Development. Take a look around - what do you see? If you are not sitting alone in your office, then at least a few people from your environment are immersed in their gadgets, right? Therefore, without programs for mobile devices on Android / iOS, modern business is extremely difficult - and in our web studio in Kiev they will help you with their creation. • Work with interfaces. If a visitor in a cafe studies the menu for too long, then he can choose not what he wanted and will remain unhappy. With the site menu, ATM and application the same situation! Therefore, the interface must be developed / designed so that it is understandable and helps the user find what they need as quickly as possible - and remain satisfied with your company! • UI / UX analysis. The letters UI and UX, like the word usability, are at the peak of fashion today - but unlike many momentary trends, it is more than deserved. Indeed, thanks to a comprehensive assessment of UI and UX qualities at the stage of designing and developing a site or an existing project, it is possible to make it more convenient and understandable for the user - this is what we will help you with the creation of the site in carrying out the service. • System integration. This is only a red roadster in outer space that can fly on its own - and an online site is usually tied to various services: from web analytics and social networks to data processing in 1C and Oracle and CRM, ERP, etc. Therefore, in our digital agency you will find a complete package of integration solutions for the development of your project. • Create chat bots. Do you want to keep in touch with the client, helping him find the answer, but the call center takes up too many resources? Then in this situation you need a virtual assistant in the form of a bot program. Our web studio in Kiev will think over all its functionality to the needs of your business and connect it in the process of developing the site or later. • Website design development. Beauty will not be fed? To argue with this is stupid. But even without an attractive and stylish look today, any Internet project, site will be hard! Therefore, when creating sites, you need to pay special attention to design. We in our web-studio in Kiev will select spectacular and interesting stylistic techniques that will highlight your business. • Technical support site. A site is primarily a tool for your business. And he should not distract you from the main thing! Therefore, it is extremely important and useful to have a comprehensive support of a site, a project that is offered by a digital agency (Kiev). We take care of everything: from hosting to upgrading the portal in the future. • Website promotion in search engines. Do not believe those who promise that everyone will know about your site - this is impossible. And it’s not really necessary: ​​the main thing is that the target audience learn about the site. It is on her that we will focus on promotion in search engines, contextual and banner advertising systems, social media and other online platforms. • Internet Marketing. Agree, because you want to develop a site - and do nothing more with it, but make a profit? However, there is nothing impossible! As part of our digital agency, you can get complete support for the project: we will create a website, promote it, analyze and modernize it for greater efficiency. Why is it worth ordering the creation of a website in a web studio in Kiev? Because we very carefully and carefully think over literally every detail while working on the development and creation of sites. This is the main reason that as a result of such boring cooperation with our web studio and digital agency in Kiev provides a reliable and convenient product in the form of a portal, banking system and application, and the work with us is comfortable for you. In practice, this means the following major advantages: • Transparency in website development. An account manager in Kiev will be allocated for the creation of the site, which will keep you updated on the progress of the site development, answer all questions and promptly communicate the required changes to the development team. With us you have the maximum information about the birth of your successful project! • An individual approach to the development of the site. No, no and no again - that’s the only way we answer when we are asked about the use of template solutions and about “creating sites on a template”. The digital agency focuses on a specific business and its key features to create a website that is optimal for you and your tasks. • Stability of the project. What unites the Great Wall of China, the Louvre and Mack at the train station in Kiev? All of them withstand any flow of visitors and tourists. Created in our web studio (Kiev, Ukraine), your site will also cope with the maximum influx of visitors without any problems and ensure the safety of their work. The created site in our web studio (Kiev, Ukraine) will also cope with the maximum influx of visitors without any problems and ensure the safety of their work. • Ability to upgrade the project. Even the best product requires improvement over time - this is an axiom in the Internet business. Therefore, when developing a site, project and designing, creating design, we lay all the functionality necessary for improvements at the stage of creating the site, and for their implementation you can even contact third-party developers, although they will not be in Kiev. • Readiness for website promotion. If Google does not like your developed site, then no one knows about it. Therefore, SEO-optimization should be included when developing any sites! We remember this and design all resources taking into account their future and, most importantly, effective search promotion on the Internet. • Reasonable prices for the development of sites and projects. A penny is saving the hryvnia, right? This is the main principle of competent investment in business, which includes the developed site. We are here in Kiev trying to create a balanced and reasonable budget for the creation of the site, so that it would be really profitable for you to work with our web studio in Kiev, Ukraine. How does our web studio in Kiev develop websites? The child first learns to sit down, then stand and only then walk - a similar sequence is the key to confidently moving to his two in the future. For the creation and development of sites phased task execution is also important. Therefore, work on a project in a web studio in Kiev includes such works as: 1. Preparation of technical specifications. If you have the wrong map for finding a treasure, then you will not find it, is it logical? Properly written TK for website development plays the same role: thanks to it, the final result meets all your initial expectations. 2. Prototyping (ux / ui). Website development, website development is much like building a house. The latter cannot be imagined without a prepared layout of each floor and each apartment. Therefore, we will think over this “layout” for all sections of the site and all typical pages of the site. 3. Website design development (ux / ui). The old truth: you will not have a second chance to make a first impression. But the beatiness of this formula does not make it less correct! For the site to be created, you need an original design and a distinctive look, due to which it will distinguish your business from competitors. 4. Writing content for the site. Mahogany is rare, the red word is aptly. The text on the created site should be just that: accurate, catchy and effective in the end. We will prepare just such content in the development of the site and with its help we will establish strong contact with the audience. 5. Layout html (front-end). Basic prototypes, stylistic solutions, text, photographs - all this is like puzzle pieces stacked together. Although it is more difficult to do with the created site. After all, you need the correct page display on any device and in any browser - which is guaranteed by our adaptive html layout. 6. Development, programming, coding (back-end) Inside any beautiful, reliable, functional watch, many gears are hidden, the complex interaction of which will ensure the movement of the hands on the dial. Writing code is like this: a multibook in hundreds of lines, due to which the created site works just the way you need it. 7. Testing the project. You can’t just take and launch a site without checking it, without testing it in real conditions. Therefore, we will definitely test the created site under load, go through key scenarios of achieving your goals for your business and, if necessary, finalize the project to eliminate future problems. 8. Hosting. The digital agency always brings the creation of sites to their logical conclusion - that is, to upload your developed site to the server. We will help you choose the best conditions for hosting, organize the site’s move and control its stability in the new place of residence. Website development in Kiev Dnieper Odessa Kharkov Zaporozhye Chuloy - What technologies do we use? No one is interested in yesterday's newspapers - in our fast-moving world they are hopelessly out of date. The same can be said about modern technologies used in the creation and development of all types of sites. New data processing systems, new media opportunities, new methods of communication with the target audience, new ways of paying for goods - all this can be listed for a long time to come. But another thing is more important for you as a customer: a web-studio from Kiev keeps its finger on the pulse of time and selects truly advanced and cool technologies for working on your project being developed in Kiev, examples of which are listed below. Development of professional sites (Kiev): • Backend - Zend Framework, Yii 2 Framework, Symfony, Drupal, OpenCart, Node.js, Express.js, Magento • Front end - Javascript, Angular.js, jQuery, Angular 2.x.x, Knockout js, Vue.js, Redux, SaaS, Canvas, HTML, CSS 3.0 .... • Payment methods - PayPal, Amazon Payments, Sage Pay, Privat24, LiqPay • Delivery Methods - UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Nova Posta Website Design: How to Combine Three in One? We all love with our eyes, right? That is why in the development of sites among all the stages, one of the most important places is the creation of site design. After all, you can design the ideal structure for the portal, endow it with developed functionality, ensure stability - and still lose a visitor who did not understand the interface of the site or found it unappealing externally and left ... But how to create a design for the site, which is worth paying attention to before Total? We at the Chuloy web studio, Chuloi in Kiev are sure that a good design and website creation should meet three main criteria: • Convenience of the site. If the shoes you try on in the store are uncomfortable, then you are unlikely to buy them. With the creation of website design, the situation is similar. The appearance when creating the site should be clear, convenient, comfortable for work. Therefore, it is important at the initial stage of development and site creation to think over standard pages, create their prototypes and test everything according to usability standards. This will make the site’s interface logical and the menu intuitive - which means that it will provide all the conditions for users to achieve all the basic goals for your business. • Originality of creation. Bayan, but true: beauty is a terrible force. If the site has a stylish, spectacular, unusual look, then the chance of interaction with the visitor increases significantly. Therefore, it is very important, without conflict with usability, to give the portal gloss and beauty. True, it should be noted: creating a design for a site should not be guided by a pure wow effect, but also meet the image of the business, its positioning in the market and corporate style in the end. Considering and combining all this in its interface is the main task. • Site responsiveness. The created site is not an oak tree, it must be flexible. After all, the user can work with the site on a computer or smartphone, TV or watch, in dozens of different browsers, on a screen of various sizes and resolutions. In all such cases, its menu should look harmonious! Therefore, in creating the design of sites, it is worthwhile to carefully work out how the site adapts to a particular device. If you plan the layout of the site according to the rules, the visitor, regardless of technology, will have access to all the features of both the site and the business. If you want the look of your future website to meet these criteria, then contact the Chuloy website development studio (Kiev, Ukraine). We have the creation of website design and website development always adheres to the principles described above. This approach has been tested in practice by the service - website development in Kiev (Ukraine). We have hundreds of portals in our portfolio, the interface of which was worked out by our experts in web-judging in Kiev and allowed us to turn ordinary website visitors into satisfied customers! Website development - What websites were created by us in Kiev? That embarrassing feeling when you have to brag, but from childhood you were taught that bragging is bad ... Although what will be bad is to show the successful result of your work in Kiev in the service of website development, web design, interface design? Because away stereotypes: we are happy to boast of the sites we have developed, created designs and designed interfaces! Moreover, the web-studio for the development of sites in the framework of the digital agency (Kiev) has implemented almost four hundred projects with the maximum of boring attention to details - and each site development or design creation is unique and unique in its own way. And we are sure: with many of these developed sites created in Kiev, you are probably personally acquainted, as you can see in our portfolio of web studios from Kiev. Why can you be sure of our website development in Kiev? Website development is a complex, lengthy process and, admittedly, sometimes very nervous. But with a web studio (Kiev, Ukraine), at least the last item you can safely delete from the list. The thing is that when creating all sites, our agency in Kiev works strictly within the framework of all agreements on the work, deadlines and in strict accordance with the terms of reference - we guarantee this with all responsibility. Due to this, you will receive a developed project with the expected functionality, by the agreed date and within the agreed budget. In our agency in the city of Kiev, the development of the site was implemented successfully on time and to the point. Why is it comfortable to create websites with the digital agency Chula in Kiev? The quality of the developed, final product for us is the main, but not the only goal in development - because we also pay special attention to the quality of service. In our web studio and digital agency in the city of Kiev (Ukraine), they try to do everything possible to cooperate with us was not only convenient, but also ... pleasant for you. Therefore we always: • translate the programming language into the language of normal people; • open to lively dialogue and joint search for the best solutions; • delve into the essence of your business and see real people behind it. Thanks to all this, Chuloy is provided with real and genuine care - regardless of the scale of the project development, budget for the creation of the site, and other factors. P.S. Choose our web studio in Kiev right now! If you still have any questions regarding the work of the digital agency Chuloy in Kiev and our site development and website design development service, you want to clarify the nuances of the possible development of your project or you need to calculate the cost of creating sites, contact us today - and we will definitely help you. Just get ready that we will sometimes be very boring in the website development service - but after all, a successful result is worth it, isn't it? Design and creation of sites in Kiev The developed site must be primarily a convenient and effective business tool - that’s the point. Therefore, its functionality and style should be subordinated to one main goal. And if you agree with this, then chuloy web, the studio for developing sites and creating designs, will be able to become your reliable partner in the field of website development. Why are we so sure about this? The thing is in the approach to the development of the site, sites, your project. Our company is not a small web studio in Kiev, the development of sites and design in which is based on free CMS (Content Management System) almost by students. Yes, we, as well as such "developers of sites, web studios, Internet agencies, will definitely treat you with good tea with sweets, which you can be convinced of simply by visiting our digital agency Chuloi - Kiev, Ukraine. But the main thing is different: first of all, in our web-studio in Kiev you will get a high-quality website, product development: interface design, UI design, website development, project and you will find a professional website development in Ukraine, Kiev. In order not to be unfounded, we will confirm this with facts. At Chuloy you will find: • All types of web studio services in Kiev. Branding, interface design, usability and UX website design, website and startup development, launch and support of created sites, system integration of sites and projects, mobile application design, as well as SEO website promotion in search engines and social networks SMO / SMM - with us you will have the broadest possibilities of business development services on the Internet. • Thoughtful solutions for the development of sites, projects. Web development studio sites Chula, Chuloy in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Ukraine, focuses on professionalism in everything. Therefore, you get a detailed study and development of the site and the project, where the created design is stylish, convenient, adaptive, the process automation is highly secure, and Internet marketing is exclusively targeted. • Flexible pricing of website development and design creation in Kiev. For the creation of web design, website development, design of graphical user interfaces, SEO website promotion, we maintain a favorable price, prices are our rule. Although there is hardly much to say here. It’s better to ask us for a commercial proposal for your project: developing an interface, creating a UI design, developing a website, developing a corporate website, developing a personal user account, web portal - and expect a pleasant surprise! And finally, another important plus. Despite the mass of ready-made solutions, our web-studio - website development in Ukraine and website design creation always develops from scratch, individually choosing those tools, technologies that are optimally suited for very specific goals and objectives. That gives you maximum comfort!